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Introducing Beaumont Alexander…

March 25, 2012

Footballer. Model. Mega-brand. Beaumont Alexander is top-flight footballer who endorses everything from hair gel to jeans to a dating site.  Until recently, he existed only in my forthcoming novel, The Vanity Game, but now he’s developed a life of his own and has started blogging and tweeting!

Beaumont is liability. He’s already pissed off his mate and fellow footballer, Jon, by revealing detail of an affair he had sought an injunction over. Yes, who needs tabloid enemies when you have friends like Monty? Then he accidentally revealed that he’s taken cocaine when he tried to emphathise with Muamba.  I don’t think he realizes that when he posts something online, everyone can see it: he is a bit thick.

But the question is, is he really just a harmless idiot? Or does he have something to hide?

You can read a short extract from The Vanity Game here

Beaumont and his girlfriend Krystal's unisex perfume, scent B&K, and some random models


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