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Sacre Bleu! The Vanity Game will be coming out in French.

October 10, 2012

I am très heureux to announce that The Vanity Game has been bought by the French publisher, Liana Levi. They have an interesting selection of titles, including the late Primo Levi, a literary hero of mine, so I am rather chuffed to be sharing a ‘label’ with him.

The thought of having my work translated into another language is exciting and rather strange. How will the novel, which is written in first person, and sometimes quite colloquial, work in French? Beaumont Alexander, my footballer protagonist is, like many of those in his profession, rather blunt, so it would be something of a shock to him to find his words translated into the most romantic language on the planet.

The foreign rights would never have been sold had it not been for my agent, Judy Moir, and this has just reinforced my view that the ‘traditional publishing’ route of getting an agent and then hopefully getting a publisher is still better than the self-published route. Self publishing may be OK if you have the time and the nouse to sell works in your own language, but few people would be able to pay for a translator and then successfully market their work themselves abroad. Foreign rights are key way for writers to make money from their works and enables their work to reach a much, much wider audience.

Anyway, one of the more whimsical reasons I am so excited about this deal is

Henri Toulouse Le Trec and his absinthe walking stick

so I can refer to ‘my publisher, in Paris’, and imagine that I sound like Ernest Hemingway or something. Last time I was in Paris, I found a fantastic walking tour in the Lonely Planet guide that took in all the famous literary sights on the Left Bank, from Hemingway’s first apartment to the hotel where Oscar Wilde died to the posh restaurant where F. Scott Fitzgerald enviously stared through the window at James Joyce. That is my kind of tourism.  It’s quite a knackering walk though, next time I think I’ll make à la Henri Toulouse Le Trec, and take a walking stick filled with absinthe.

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  1. October 29, 2012 5:55 pm

    I am thrilled for you. Je suis ravi! (Not sure if that correct, but the high school French dredged that one up)

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